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We the people of India, have every right to know everything about the issues which affect our interests. We have the right to be better informed on the issues which may affect our decision making process. We the people of India have every right to be known about the issues which would have overturned our decisions, had we known them in time. This petition is directed at addressing the cause of people of a Republic. It is our right to know the untold truths. In this respect it is our duty to ensure that Inefficiencies, failures and ignorance of the Government of the day, should not hide under the cover of Confidentiality and secrecy. some of such issues are addressed below. 1- We the people of India, do not know how our beloved leader Subhash Chandra Bose (Netaji) died ? Whatever the Government has been saying to us has been under thick clouds of doubt. Any reliable report has not been made public. We are deprive of our right to know the truth. We also have the right to know what forced the Government to keep those documents as top secret ? 2- A committee was formed after the mumbai attacks of 26/11, namely Ram Pradhan committee. The report aims at finding the failures of Government and law enforcement agencies. We have the right to know every failure of the Government and its agencies which directly affect our security and well-being. In this matter we demand the report and its Annexures be made public in the Interest of our society. 3- We also are kept in dark about the real reasons of death of our former Prime minister Shri Lal bahadur shashtri ji. Several times we have heard of voices being raised about the entire episodes surrounding the Death Of our former Prime minister. We demand that all the documents and evidences providing the real reasons of Death of our Beloved Former Prime minister be made public in the general Interest. These were some of the issues we need to konw about, so that our decisions can be better mulled. By supporting this petition we also ensure that in future any Government can not hide behind the veil of secrecy, about any issue which speaks about the inefficiency and failure of the Government.




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