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Why Religious Organizations Should Pay Taxes

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Most religious organizations are in the business of prosperity (that is, begging their congregation for money and preaching to them that the Bible says we as Christians are obligated to pay a ten percent tithe to God). But, in reality, many if not most, religious organizations are using that money (donations and the so-called tithe)for every purpose other than helping the poor and needy. Many religious organizations are in the business building larger buildings to bring in more people into their organizations (congregations) in order to get more money from people. Many religious organizations are inbusiness for the sole purpose of entertainment and social gatherings in which to make money off their congregations (members) and other gullible people. These organizations preach emotional sermons (which are not at allBiblical) to get people to give their money. These organizations do not help people when they are down. There is an increasing number of homeless people on the streets in the United States, and many religious organizations are not concerned with this problem. I have personally, throughout the years, witnessed various religious organizations refuse to help the homeless get off the streets, especially those homeless people who went to them for help. I have witnessed Pastors show no compassion to the homeless.

Religious organizations claim that they provide a service for people that they cannot get anywhere else. What is that? If it is spiritual guidance or counseling, it sure is not improving our economy and the increasing crime rate. It sure isn't getting the homeless off the streets and into homes. The religious organizations are not doing anything more for the homeless or people, in general, than the rest of society. For example, where do you think the poor and the homeless get assistance (help)? They rely on Family Welfare and Social Services for food and medical care. Homeless people are not "Foodless"; they are "Homeless". Therefore, if Family Welfare and Social Services are providing the bulk of the services to the poor, homeless, and needy, and the religious organizations are not providing services that contribute to the "Big" problem (Homelessness), which is a burden on our society and Nation as a whole, then the religious organizations should contribute to our economy by paying their share of the taxes. Religious organizations claim that they are to remain separated from the state. I agree with this; however, this should not exclude them from paying taxes. Even Jesus Christ paid taxes.



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