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WHS Dress Code Needs To Be Changed!

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Are you tired of being told "your outfit looks inappropriate." or "you need to change your clothes, they are not meant for school."? Then this is the right petition for you. By signing this, you agree that women (and men) are more than their bodies. We should be able to wear what we want and wear what we feel comfortable in to school without getting dress coded or being sexualised by teachers!

Dress codes teach women, from a young age, that their bodies are to be hidden. To show skin is to be “skimpy.” They teach that young girls’ bodies are provocative and sexy. By banning cleavage and thighs, dress codes teach girls that their bodies are objects and they are a distraction.

Young girls are viewed as inherently sexual. Short shorts do not mean the same thing to young girls as they do to older women. Young girls just see shorts as a piece of clothing to wear when it is hot. Why do teachers and administration see them as sexual clothing?

Women get told by teachers "boys see things more visually than us girls, so thats why we need to cover up" So why should we have to cover up because of how boys see us? Our skirts and shorts have to be "finger tip length" otherwise they are considered "inapropriate". Do you realize how much trama that can do to a child? Telling them that their clothes are inappropriate. Next morning they are going to get dressed and think, "Is my outfit inappropriate?" "Should i wear this to school?" "Is this to revealing?" Thats how women start to think all they are good for is their bodies.

Dress codes perpetuate the vibes of “women must protect themselves” instead of teaching men to behave themselves and act like decent human beings. We, as a society, should not be teaching young girls and women how to protect themselves from being raped. We should be teaching men not to rape. Dress codes begin early teaching of the opposite of this. Girls must cover up because men could not possibly control themselves. In a twisted way, I think that dress codes also show girls that what they wear can be an invitation for unwanted attention.

People who are bigger tend to get dress coded, but the smaller girls don't get dress coded as much because of their body type. Please explain to me what sense that makes. We cannot help our body shape.

Once you get dress coded they send you home or tell you infront of your peers "your outfit is inappropriate, you need to cover up, change into something else, or call home." That shows you how much the school prioritizes exucation over what you wear to school.

Dress codes should be changed to be more inclusive. People of any race, size and gender should not feel discriminated against in a dress code.


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