Who Will Protect The Citizens of Berkeley County If The Police Won't?

Bird Mama
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It is horrible that citizens in Berkeley County, SC can have 4 arson fires in four days with no investigations...be threatened with bodily harm in front of 5 police officers....be told in front of those same police officers who their next victim is going to be. It took two calls of shots being fired one placed by a firefighter the other by the landowner to finally get them to the scene. But because they are hunting buddies and friends with the Sheriff of Berkeley County and some of the police officers nothing is done. They are allowed to burn other peoples property, try to poison their animals, shoot firearms at individuals and walk away laughing. What country do we live in? I thought it was America and we all had the right to protection but not if you live in Berkeley County, SC and you are not one of the "good ole boys" who hang out together evidently...... An investigation into the obviously unlawful activity in this county should be done immediately before something horrible happens....like murder of innocent people....