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Whirlpool Cabrio - No Error Code - Won't Spin

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BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! OR BETTER SAID BUYER BE AWARE!!!!! WHIRLPOOL MODEL WTW5600XWO My 17 month old $700.00 Whirlpool WTW5600XWO Serial #C034338921 washer has decided to stop spinning. No error codes, no explanations, just quit! I called for service and after the servicer ran several diagnostics on the unit I was told that I was loading the machine wrong. I'm 55 years old and have been washing clothes for over 40 years but I took his advice and while he was there loaded the machine via his recommendations and while he was finishing up his paperwork the machine stopped again, it just quit when it got to the spin cycle. He then worked on the machine some more and said he found a wire that was "exposed" and another one loose so he repaired them and again began to leave. While he was preparing his paperwork, again I started another load and again before he left the machine quit! So he worked on it some more and told me that the issue was the lid latch and he would have to order a part. He came back two days later and replaced the lid latch but again the machine would not spin. Again even though the machine will not give an error code he says the controller board needs to be replaced and he will have to order the part and I am basically looking at a repair bill that is over $300.00 in addition to the $70.00 service call I have already paid. He did say I was not obligated to pay for the lid latch repair since it was not the real problem $169.00. Below is my communication with Whirlpool Service Center: Cust Svc (Responding) Cust Svc Thank you for contacting Whirlpool! My name is ___.I will be with you momentarily. Cust Svc Thank you for your patience Ms. Baust. I apologize for the issues you are encountering. Cust Svc How may I help you with your appliance? Me I would like to speak with someone who can authorize covering these repairs since this is not an inexpensive machine. My machine was purchased 10/2010 and is no longer under warranty. Cust Svc I apologize, Ms. Baust. We are unable to assist with covering these repairs. The appliance is no longer covered by a warranty. Me Please give me a direct phone number for Whirlpool because as I go onto the internet it looks like this machine has a lot of problems and others are receiving free out of warranty repairs. Me I thought Whirlpool stood behind their products. Cust Svc This appliance was not under a recall or quality issue for the product to be repaired at no charge. I apologize, Ms. Baust, but we will not be able to assist with repair. We offered the Repair+1 program for assistance with this when you call on Wednesday. Unfortunately, there is no other options at this time. Me Please give me a direct phone number for Whirlpool. Cust Svc Our Customer Service number is 1-800-253-1301. Me What is the phone number for Whirlpool headquarters not service please Cust Svc I apologize, we do not have a direct number for our corporate office. Me Please look up recall#SF26-779B I believe my machine should be covered under this. Cust Svc I apologize, I am unaware of what type of number this is. Me what do your recall numbers look like maybe I am mis reading it Cust Svc We do not have recall numbers, Ms. Baust. Me Then how could you just tell me there was no recall on my machine Cust Svc I have checked your model and serial number for a recall. There has not been a recall or quality issue on a Cabrio model since 2007. Your model is a 2010. Your model is not affected. Me Obviously that is not correct and I am just getting the runaround since my machine is doing exactly what the previous models are doing Cust Svc The previous models had an issue with an error code. Your model, once again, is not affected by a quality issue that occurred in 2007. While it is my personal opinion, I find it coincidental that my 2010 model is doing the same as the 2007 model the only difference is that the error code has been suppressed. Good job Whirlpool! It appears you have corrected the problem the machines just no longer gives an error message. What can I do?

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