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To Whom It May Concern:

We, the undersigned, demand a moratorium on the practice of hydraulic fracturing, or "Fracking" in the State of Colorado until safety, environmental and resource concerns have been appropriately addressed.

Furthermore, the waste of water associated with this practice, and the excessive environmental burden this technology brings forth, is not in line with green policy, rather it is in direct conflict with any policy that is legitimately sensitive to the environment and health requirements of our citizens.

The 'drought' campaigns are being supported by citizen tax dollars in order to provide water resources to the hydraulic fracturing effort. We feel this is a deviant use of the sympathetic nature of the Colorado citizen base in order to promote an agenda that is counter to the well being of that citizen base and their environment.

State and local water restrictions are in effect, with the agenda of lowering urban/rural water use. With usage baselines at near non-life sustaining expectations, more water is available to be leased elsewhere. This technique has been used in the past to successfully leverage unrealistic baselines as statistical fodder for the argument of raising rates due to lower demand. It is now being used to ultimately vector more water away from the citizen base and into the hydraulic fracturing industry.

We feel this shows blatant disregard for the citizens and environment of Colorado. Local and State policy are forcing the reduction of 'green space' - urban lawns and landscaping are under direct attack by these policies. These policies are in place for the direct support of the water vectoring effort. We feel the greenhouse impact of rock and other heat multiplying alternatives to
urban lawns and landscaping need to be understood and mitigated, as well as show full association to the Fracking effort when environmental impact data is considered.

We are asking you, our elected State and Federal representatives, to put a halt to
hydraulic fracturing and immediately enact legislation to prevent further waste and poisoning of our environment and resources, until such time the full ecological impact of hydraulic fracturing is understood.


iNformed Citizens of Colorado




* Western Resource Advocates
* Fracking and Water Consumption
* Halliburton loophole
* Center for Media and Democracy




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