Algeria Should be Banned!

Enjy Heshmat
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Kay! Now, Algerians killed 25 Egyptians in Sudan, with half of our supporters still trapped in a hallow country where Algerians bought swiss knifes and caused mess! But yet we still do nothing! Us Egyptians only killed around 2! Which is a difference still! With us loosing, we have been attacked, blamed and punished, then what will happen if we win! Algerians kill each other in their own country, but we are one! We deserve a rematch because i know God can make it possible one more time, because 1989 wasn't a miracle 14 September 2009 wasn't luck, but now i know you can make it possible! With those 11 players in 90 minutes we have a chance! Because no one is going to wait till 2014 when we have afroto and bango playing in our team, we won't wait till 2014 when Essam El Hadary won't be fit! we won't wait, this is a need not a want, and we need it now! Please make this possible, because nothing is just football when you're playing against a country that used to be Egypts best friend, nothings just football, when it's the last match for african's to the world! So don't make us wait, make this fair, Don't make football seem like hockey! This is the world cup! this is the chance! This is our turn!




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    Enjy Heshmat Egypt
    8 years ago
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    jumana Egypt
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