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THE PLEDGE: We WILL vote for Hillary Clinton

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We are lifelong Democrats, moderate Republicans, rational Independents and young first time voters. What binds us together is that WE are the 18 million who voted for and still stand with Hillary Clinton We DID SO not ONLY because we trust her leadership and proven ability to find REAL SOLUTIONS for America, to provide for our national security, well being at home, restoration of America's good name on the world stage But ALSO because we believe (fear) BEYOND DOUBT that Citizen Obama is unqualified untested and untrustworthy. Abetted by an alarming Barack besotted American Media, His murky undisclosed leftist agenda, blame game politics, scorched earth smears, race cards played on rivals and raids on the TRUE coalition of Clinton voters as "traitors" has divided and all but destroyed the Democratic Party. His rigged election would be disastrous for our country. Thus the Clinton Coalition DOES NOT CAN NOT WILL NOT support his bid for the Presidency of the United States. Read our lips Howard, Nancy, Donna et all in Denver: THERE IS NO WAY BARCK OBAMA CAN GET MY VOTE NOT ONLY WILL WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA But we hereby confirm AGAIN in this self binding pledge: That we are solid in our resolve to take extreme measures to ensure Obama's defeat including, as many have done, abandoning our commitment to the corrupted democrats to declare ourselves free agent independents to work for the election of John McCain or alternative party candidates. On the other hand, We WILL gladly vote for Hillary Clinton as will MANY others who are watching in worried silence as Obamas candidacy unfolds in increasingly troubling ways. The Clinton Coalition is NOT the Enemy of the Party It can be argued that these Brave New Obamacrats...are. Their hostile takeover MUST be stopped. We WILL stop them. Whether Democrats prevail in the fall is up to...the Democrats. IF the Leftist leadership of The Party steps back from this all out assault on The Clintons, their status and legacy, IF the MEDIA returns to reporting-not making-the news, Clinton voters will have no further need for our effective PUMA/NO DEAL/Indy/ProMcCain PACS sites and initiatives. We will have no...need...to March on Denver in August. IF Superdelegates come to their collective senses in Denver To nominate the TRUE and VALID winner of 18 million votes The season experienced and committed Clinton Coalition will DO what spoiled sarcastic Obamacrats can't and won't. Since we HAVE no hidden agenda and our goals are stated, We PLEDGE here to disband and disist from anti DNC effort We PLEDGE here to WORK enthusiastically to HEAL the rift RAISE the donations FOR and BRING OUT THE VOTE FOR Hillary Clinton FOR President. We freely promise here and now to do this for The Democrats who, given their conduct, have no real right to ask it of us. We WILL RETURN to heal and restore our Our Broken Party, And to lead it in November to a landslide Democratic victory. The peace and prosperity we once had with The Clintons. Untried Barack Obama can promise America...anything. But it is The proven committed Clintons who can deliver The Real Thing. The second successful two term Democratic President in our lifetimes. Why WOULD we VOTE for anything...less certain

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