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We the People of the United Kingdom have had ENOUGH!

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Dear Mr Cameron,

We, the People of the United Kingdom (undersigned)... have had ENOUGH!!!

We are sick of the crippling cuts that your government has made! We are sick of tax avoidance by the rich and powerful – a list that includes members of your own cabinet and Tory party contributors! We are sick of paying for the mistakes of greedy bankers!

When were WE (the People of the United Kingdom) ever asked if we wanted to bail the banks out; of the mess they created for themselves? We are taught from childhood that if you gamble then you have to be prepared to lose as well as win. We are taught as children that we have to PAY for our own MISTAKES... the laws of this country make damn well sure of that! Yet the bankers win every time! Why should they and your rich tax-dodging cronies be above the law that governs the very people whose taxes provide the comforts that you have all become accustomed to – whilst we struggle ourselves from day to day?

“WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!”, we hear your government bleat at every possible opportunity! Yet we have seen very little (read ‘no’) evidence of the bankers being held to account for its mistakes and the rich being forced to pay their fair amount of tax! It is not up to THEM to decide what is fair, but to the tax laws of the UK that apply to us ALL!

Tax the banks not the people! Invest resources in catching tax dodgers instead of benefit thieves – a problem that costs the UK economy £20 BILLION every year, compared to just £900 Million from benefit fraud. Common sense and kindergarten economics dictate which makes more sense to pursue and would benefit the UK economy more! Tax dodgers would be far easier to find for a start (hint: look around you next time you're in parliament!).

There is a palpable and growing tension and dislike of your government within this country. Need we remind you that you did not win the election by a sufficient majority and had to court the Liberal Democrats to attain your position? Open your eyes! Social Networks are crammed full of groups (Robin Hood Tax, The Last Person to Enter Parliament with Honest Intentions was Guy Fawkes, Nobody Likes A Tory and 38 Degrees... to name just a few); containing HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of members; all expressing their distaste at your government and the so-called austerity measures that ‘we’ all have to endure. Yet all your cronies with companies registered/money secreted away in so-called tax havens, are LEGALLY avoiding paying tax in the UK. These ‘loopholes’ have been known to your government and others for decades, but yet are allowed to continue to operate. And the ordinary people are being absolutely HAMMERED by the cuts you impose (costing jobs, livelihoods... even lives!*) while you SPECULATE on the private sector pulling us out of recession. A recessions caused by risky speculation in the first place!

We, the People of the United Kingdom, will no longer have the wool pulled over our eyes. We can see your government and your kind for what they truly are. Your government’s cuts are just an excuse, an OPPORTUNITY, to impose ‘Disaster Capitalism’ measures on the United Kingdom and reshape our economy to favour corporations – many of which are owned by your sponsors, cronies and Etonian chums. We will NOT tolerate this! We will NOT allow the UK to be privatised and torn apart by greedy profiteers! Capitalism is NOT working!

We will NOT stand for such discrimination against the poor and the working classes while the rich continue to reap massive bonuses and their companies amass ever greater profits.

People should come before profit - always! The people put you in your position of power, and can therefore take it away... never forget that!

France, Spain, Greece and Italy have already seen rioting on their streets, and for much less than what is happening in this country. We the People anticipate much wider and prolonged civil unrest in this country, once the axe starts falling and dole queues start getting longer, as benefits get cut, and it becomes apparent that the private sector is NOT going to fill the gaping hole created by your government’s policies.

We the People (undersigned) demand that you tax the banks, close tax havens associated with the UK and close the loopholes that allow tax evasion/avoidance/’efficiency’ to take place – i.e. end the corruption!

*suicide rates are higher under Conservative leadership than any other


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