Support Traffic Calming on West Chester Street

Rebecca Martin
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We the undersigned are residents of West Chester Street or concerned Kingston residents impacted by the dangerous pedestrian conditions that currently exist there.

Together, we have worked in a cooperative manner with County Traffic Planners and Kingston City Officials to find effective traffic calming solutions to curb the reckless motorists speeding up and down the street.  

Although we believe that these items will be useful in making the neighborhood a safer one for residents and pedestrians, it in no way precludes that a proper traffic study for this urban collector street is needed. 

With a day care center, senior citizens and residents living and walking daily on W. Chester Street we ask that the city of Kingston implement the following:

1.   “Visual Narrowing”. Extend a double-yellow line on West Chester from Broadway all the way to Montrepose to define both sides of traffic.

2.   Stripe the East side of the street where parking is allowed with a continuous white parking line from Broadway to the top of the hill, just like the white parking lines on Albany Avenue.

3.   Lower the speed limit to 25 MPH on the entire street and place signs to alert drivers.

4.   Re-erect several ‘no parking’ signs on the West side of the street below the hill that have gone missing over the years.

5.   Paint “Slow” or “Children at Play” in the street going in both directions (prior to the hill and on the long stretch after Augusta Street heading towards Broadway) to encourage self-enforcement.

6.   Consider moving the three way stop sign from Mary’s Avenue and W. Chester Street to Augusta Street and W. Chester Street.


Thank you.





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