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Chris Testa
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Dear Westbrook Neighbors,

This is a petition to convince all parties not to build a driveway through the Testa's front and side yard at 4705 Westgate Drive.  On the Testa property there is a 20 foot access easement for a driveway serving the rear lot that ruins the Testa's charming little front yard and comes within 3.5 feet of the front corner of their home, taking out a tall tree and bamboo in the side yard. This rear lot is now under contract to future un-neighborly "neighbors" Sean and Kristin Jones that plan to do whatever they please and put a driveway from their home to Westgate Drive, even though there is also access from Kelly Mill Rd. This will be a community eyesore and impact the Testa family's safety, privacy, along with their house value.  In addition, this could affect other home values as well. 
The signatures on this petition are to convince the owners that this is not a neighborly thing to do, and that they should consider these options:
1) have access from Kelly Mill Rd instead
2) build a cart path instead of a driveway
3) work with the developer to move the easement fully into the vacant lot (lot 116)
4) find another lot in the neighborhood
Thanks, Chris and Farida Testa




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    Farida Testa United States
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