"We're not just a Band Number, We're People who deserve More"

Debbie White
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This is a pending class action lawsuit proceeding against the Chief and Council, of the Woodstock First Nation for alleging that the majority of Chief and Council members, of Woodstock First Nation made a business decision to take all the profits from Economic Activities such as Gaming/Logging/Band Businesses and Fishing and use these said profits for as they see fit regardless of what Band members want. We, the undersigned, totally disagree with the Chief and Council's decision in this matter and will not accept it any longer.


If you feel you may be entitled to participate in this class action where Band members of the Woodstock First Nations want to make Chief and Council, of the Woodstock First Nation, accountable to ensure ALL Band members of the Woodstock First Nation benefit from these Economic Activities as per their Revenue-Sharing Agreements  with the Province of New Brunswick where the Woodstock First Nation Membership are suppose to benefit and as of today, have not.


The goal of this petition is to reach out to those who may be eligible for settlement payments to ensure that the maximum number of Band members, from the Woodstock First Nation, receive the compensation they deserve from the Economic Activities of the band. If you are a Band member of the Woodstock First Nation and want your share of the profits from Economic Activities, please sign your name on this petition and if you have children under the age of majority, please add their name too as this class action can benefit them too.


This on-line petition will be used to gather the names of those interested Band members of the Woodstock First Nation and will be held confidential by a lawyer representing 27 other Band members who are in the process of taken up legal action against the Woodstock First Nation Chief and Council. While there is no evidence at this time that the information collected here will be accessed or used for fraudulent purposes, specific measures have been undertaken to safeguard the protection of your personal information. And your names will not be disclosed to Chief and Council of the Woodstock First Nation during this class action litigation research phase currently being investigated.


This use of social media is very important to viral marketing so please send this link to your family members who are Band members of the Woodstock First Nation as this potential lawsuit impacts them, and for those family members not using social media, ask them if they want their name added and you sign for them (with their permission, of course).


This action is needed to preserve and affirm that our Rights as Band members of Woodstock First Nation are acknowledge so we too can benefit from Economic Activities in our community.


 We, the undersigned, are in support of receiving our share of profits from ALL economic activities of the Woodstock First Nation and the Woodstock First Nation Economic Development Corporation, as soon as possible.