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Integrate DBT into Nashoba

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Do you feel your mental health is taking a toll on your school life?

Do you feel all students in Nashoba should have better resources for mental health?

Do you feel teachers and staff do not give enough support during rough times?

Do you have a mental illness that is not being dealt with at school?

Are you trying to live up to unrealistic expectations?

Does the school put too much pressure on you?

Then you're not alone! One of the main causes of students dropping out of school and failing classes is mental illness, especially for students who don't know they have a mental illness. By signing this petition, you are agreeing that Nashoba needs better mental health support for both General Ed and SPED students.

More mental health support would look like,

  • 5-10 minute mindfulness and DBT exercises at the beginning of class
  • Teachers learning how to help and teach kids with mental illness
  • More staff for support/ social workers/therapists that have been trained in DBT and or have experience with kids with mental illness
  • New bullying policies/no more "sit down and say sorry," instead, staff taking action to see that the bullying ends between students
  • More flexibility in homework assignments and projects
  • The ability to take 5-minute breaks when needed

But what is DBT?

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based therapy used to identify and change negative thinking patterns and behaviors. It's basically a cousin to CBT. Mindfulness, which you've probably heard of, is actually a part of DBT.

Schools all over America have already begun to integrate DBT and Mindfulness into their curriculum and have seen amazing results!

And that's just the beginning! Your mental health matters and schools need to know that your mental and physical health should come first. So be a part of the change for the better.

If you have any more suggestions- DM me on Instagram @old.twisty

thank you for your time!

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