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We love our kids

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This petition is in regard to the unjust and morally blind practice put forth by the child support agency. Not only are these guide lines illegal in nature falling under extortion /threats by definition. They are enforced by, but not limited to state law. It is imperative that these guide line be changed with the best interest in mind for the child in question. Make no mistake; this petition is in no way a vice to auld or escape the financial or moral responsibility rightfully doe to the child in question by either parent. I believe mother and father must take a active roll in the rearing of the child or children in question. Unfortunately this is a rapidly fading practice in American homes. So as a parent it is sad to emit that the need for child support agencies are overwhelming. This is why the rules and regulations set forth by child support and the federal government needs to be revised. In the revision of the guidelines, I believe more fathers and mothers will step up and take an active role in the financial well-being of the child in question. New rules must be set in place stating clearly that both parents have a responsibility onto the child. Child support can no longer be used as a weapon of revenge. If in the unfortunate situation that child support must be utilized I believe that it is a dire need that both parties’ mother and father need to provide accurate  documentation on the financial status of the child or children in question. The party collected child-support should be obligated to provide proof of where this money is being spent and how this money is being spent. If indeed child-support is for the well-being of the child I believe child-support should be involved in every aspect concerning the well-being of the  child. not just extorting and exploiting the one responsible for paying child support. A man nor woman should be forced to take on a responsibility of financially securing a future for a child that is not his or hers in the hopes that the party collecting child support would do the right thing. I have talked with more than 100 men and women on child-support   that swear they would feel more comfortable and would be more compliant with child-support and their regulation if they knew where and how their money was being spent. By revising the laws I believe more people would willingly pay child support. There is over $68 million dollars owed in back child-support  in New Mexico alone so imagine nationwide. If indeed the system is in favor of the child the system must also take an active role in not only the financial well-being of the child but also the mental physical and living conditions in which the child is placed. If It is a need for state and federal law to get involved, I feel as well as hundreds of thousands of men and women across the nation that they need to be involved to the fullest with the well-being of that child in mind. With the new revisions of child-support laws and guidelines rules need to be set in place, making it impossible to use child-support as a means of financial gain. Not only do they need to be equal on both parties they need to be stricter  and enforced vigorously making it impossible to evade, avoid or escape the financial duty, that mother and father have to the child in question. In order to accomplish this goal an order must be put in place that both parties must provide an equal amount a month for the child placing not only the father but the mother as well on financial obligation such as payments of child-support. Too many children in America needs the help of child-support and the federal government and they are depending on these agencies to do the right thing. We as parents mother and father must stand up and do what's right for the child and for the future of this nation. By signing this petition you are taking the first step in reconstructing and re-fortifying the child-support laws and guidelines we must stand up and make them change the law.


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