Childcare Workers Are Underpaid

Zoe SMidgen
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Over the past two years, I have been to numerous different settings that all fall under Children and Young Peoples Workforces. As someone who works with children, I can say with such confidence that when you look after children you cant help but bond with them. This means you change nappies (for all the nursery workers), you feed them their bottles, and put them to sleep! So for those kids who do 8-6s, you have to be almost as nurturing as a mother would! Similarly, a school setting is the same.

By the end of the month unfortunately, our wages and our hard work just don't match up. The difference with other jobs and our job is that we work hard (im sureother job sectors work equally as hard)to look after these little people, to keep them safe and to keep them HAPPY! Any parent, older sibling, aunts and uncles and grandparents I'm sure can agree that it is a tough job!

I want to step up for all the amazing workers who strive to do so, so that we can feel a little more satisfied by the end of the year/month. I think it is easy to think it as an easy job or to disregard this as an actual job. Its time that we get recognized and a possible pay rise.