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Maria Yori
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We the people of the United States as of 2/06/2009 will not be responsible for the debts incurred by the United States Government. Inclusive to all acts of spending by the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. Congress, all states and agencies, and the President of the United States of America. Where as to bail out banks, large corporate businesses, and grants specific to the giving away of money or assets to all areas except to enhance the personal incomes of United State Citizens. Whereas the bodies of government to include Democrats, Republicans, Independent and all State Governments and agencies that have been irresponsible of balancing budgets, irresponsible projections of budgets and not acting in good faith on behalf of American Citizens. Whereas the U.S. Government has borrowed beyond there expectation of repayment, and incurring debt to the U.S. Citizens. Where as the use and creation of TARP to bail out large corporations, banks, insurance companies and Wall Street who and all inclusive to squander taxpayer monies and further have incurred debt to U. S. Citizens. Whereas the U.S. Government and States use of money to be inclusive of all special interest groups has shown irresponsibility. Whereas use of money to bail out states and their irresponsibility to balance their budgets and live within their budgets and to irresponsible project income and there reliance to incompetent advice and special interest groups. Whereas the U.S. Government has broken the Social Security Administration by the borrowing of money and has not repaid the debt. Whereas the Social Security Administration has included Non-American citizens in payment of Social Security dollars. Whereas to include all forms of irresponsible spending done by the U.S. Government, State Governments and agencies. Whereas all money should be repaid by U.S. Government and State Government officials and exclusive to all tax money of United States Citizens. Whereas the federal and state governments have put non-American citizens on the welfare roll including cash, foodstamps and health benefits incurring additional cost to taxpayer citizens. Whereas we the people of the United States of America will no longer tolerate the actions of elected officials and the repayment of debts incurred by such elected officials and non-elected officials are theirs and only their personal responsibility and not the responsibility of U.S. Taxpayers.


Concerned citizens of the United States of America who do not believe in the all inclusive irresponsible legislative actions of elected and non-elected officials.


Please to this site to look at and sign our petitions to protect American Citizens.




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