Pennsylvania Decriminalization of Marijuana Proposition 22

James Henderson
James Henderson 6 Comments
669 SignaturesGoal: 1,000

We at The Weed Report strongly believe in the healing, spiritual herb known as Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa, L.). We believe in it so much that we, with the help of the undersigned petitioners, urge the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to immediately introduce legislation to decriminalize Marijuana. We advise, through delivery to Governor Ed Rendell, that Marijuana be made available to those who require it medically and to every adult in the Commonwealth who wishes to exercise thier right to use Marijuana responsibily. Apon reciept of this petition The Weed Report and the undersigned expect swift and immediate council on such an issue and demand public hearings on the benefits of decriminalizing Marijuana in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Sincerely yours,

Sponsor The Weed Report stands alone as the sponser of this particular petition and will ensure victory if it takes 65 more years of prohibition to do so.



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