Weber Street Enhanced Crossing

Laura  Dowell
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As you may already know, the Region of Waterloo is preparing to reconstruct the portion of Weber Street between Guelph Street to the north and Victoria Street to the south. The project involves straightening the alignment of the street, widening the street to 4 lanes, and constructing an underpass below the railway tracks between Victoria Street and Breithaupt Street. Taking place concurrently will be the construction of a multi-use trail that will parallel the rail line between Wilhelm Street and Uptown Waterloo. This multi-use trail will connect to the new multi-use pathway planned on the west side of Weber Street between Wilhelm Street and Victoria Street.

Some residents are concerned there will be a 600 metres stretch between the signalized intersections of Guelph Street and Wellington Street that does not have a controlled stop for pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles to cross Weber Street. The only infrastructure planned to assist in crossing the road in this stretch will be a 1.7 metre wide pedestrian refuge island at Wilhelm Street in between the two directions of traffic. Some possible modifications to enhance the safety of this crossing could be a painted crosswalk, overhead crossing lights or a full scale signalized intersection.

If you are in favour of adding some form of
enhanced crossing at Weber Street and Wilhelm Street to ensure pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles have a safer opportunity to to cross the 4 lanes of traffic planned on Weber Street, you are encouraged to sign this petition. With your support, a group of concerned residents will present this petition and a brief report containing recommendations regarding an enhanced crossing on Weber Street to Regional Council for their consideration.