Blu-ray and restricted playback

Chris Watts
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Sign this petition to voice your concerns that Blu-ray should be playable on any computer!

Blu-ray was officially released in 2006 with built-in Digital Rights Management system for the protection of content creators' rights. In its own right, AACS (the technology behind the protection) has been effective - but increasingly, ever since the leak of one of the cryptographic keys, it has become a disservice to the honest masses.

The issue we are faced with today is the extensive difficulties involved in playing a shop-bought Blu-ray disc. Currently, there are two options:
1. Buy a dedicated Blu-ray player
2. Buy a computer with a Blu-ray drive, Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OSX, and software capable of playing the content.

This petition is concerned with the restrictions in-place with option 2. Many of you will immediately notice that I haven't included Linux in this list. This is because there is no commercially available software for the most viable, adaptive and flexible home theater operating system we have to date. Instead, one must resort to legal grey-areas, poor decryption schemes and a constant battle with revoked processing keys just to play the latest Blu-ray films on your shiny home theater box.

Despite the complex encryption schemes on the Blu-ray discs, it's still not enough to deter pirates. With rudimentary decryption and a lot of time, pirates can still squeeze videos out of the plastic discs and make them available to all. It takes no longer than 5 minutes of searching online to discover a downloadable copy of any film. With the way it's going, it's easier for everyone to rely on the work of the pirates to enjoy a film rather than struggle to purchase a disc yourself!

By signing this petition, you will help reinforce the need to make Blu-ray media more accessible to everyone through either making the decryption technology available for open source projects, or making available compilable software that is fully capable of Blu-ray playback - even if it comes at a price.





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