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This petition has been created to show how many European Armys out there are waiting and hoping for BTS to come to Europe this year. For now, only American, Asian and Australian dates for the Wings Tour 2017 have been confirmed without Europe being mentioned and we feel that we should stop hoping and relaying on the concert makers/ concert making pages which seem to ignore us all the time. LET'S SHOW BTS OUR POWER EUROPEAN ARMY !

YOUR SIGNATURE CAN HELP ! We were successful last year when we fought for more KCon in Paris Tickets ! So lets work hard again !





March 13
My comment has not been posted so again, ARMYYY thank you so much for your help, I'm so proud of all of you :) This has been a long journey...but we made it :D ! The petition is gonna be sent to MMT and Bighit but we are looking for someone who speaks Korean and could help us to translate the speech. If you know anyone please reply to my comment :) Thank you all so much
March 13
Petition has reached 10000 signatures!
March 11
Guys even if they come to Europe please don't stalk the boys, we have to appreciate them if we get to see them and not make their lives harder...seeing them perform is more than enough. What some Armys from Chile did today was absolutely disgusting. I just pray Bighit won't change their approach to the International ARMY after this incident...
March 11
Guys less than 700 signatures, we are so close !!!
March 10
Guys please let's work harder, we can do this ! European ARMY are asking the radios to play Spring Day and Not Today as well, we wanna send this asap, so share this as much as possible !
March 9
Guys please don't give up ! We need to collect less than 1,5K signatures ! We're extremely close to reach the goal, im gonna ask you to share this petition everywhere you can think of, there are still so many Armys who don't know about it so they can't join us.
March 6
Guys please keep signing, we need less than 1,9k to reach the goal :) Also share this petition as much as you can
March 6
GUYS TWEET #EuropeWantsWings rn !!! Also don't forget to tag Bighit and BTS ! This is important !
March 5
If we continue to work like this we're not gonna reach the goal not even in 2 months, seriously people ! Wake up ! Bts are having the first American concerts this week, if we wanna change something we need to send the petition asap.
March 3
Finally we crossed 7,800 !!!! Guys i beg you please make people sign this, share this ! We're very close ! It's gonna get sent to MMT and Bighit once it reaches 10k !!!

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