We Want An Official iMessages App For Android

1 Signature Goal: 100,000

We want an official iMessages app for Android. Many of us have friends and family with iPhones and other iOS devices and we would like to be able to communicate with them effortlessly. Some people have Android devices because of choice or because it is what they have to use but that should not mean they cannot not easily communicate with their iOS using friends and family.

If you want an official iMessages app for Android please sign this petition so we can submit it to Apple and tell them in one unified voice that as mobile users we want to easily and comfortably communicate with each using iMessages on both iOS and Android.



February 28
We are now live!


  • Lawrence Dortch
    Lawrence Dortch United States, Mclean
    Feb 28, 2014
    Feb 28, 2014
    I want this. I have friends on both platforms and want to message them in a way thats easy for everyone.


  • 3 years ago
    Lawrence Dortch
    3 years ago