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I am petitioning the state of Ohio to sucede from the Unites States Federal Government in order to re-establish a sound and free Republic. We do this with the full support of our Constitution and the enharent rights it provides. We charge the federal government with corruption and TREASON OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. They are listed but not limited below.

1. ECONOMIC TREASON: Free Trade Agreements with communist and terrorist states.

2. NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE UNION: Surrenders our sovernty as an independent nation.

3. NDAA(NATIONAL DEFENCE AUTHORIZATION ACT): No due process, no lawyer, no charges, no trial, can be held indefinately even if innocent.

4. TSA(Transpertation Security Administration): Deadly Ex-ray scanning machines in airports and subjecting law abiding citizens to unnecessary and demoralizing full body searches.

5. SOPA: Internet spying and the kill switch.

6. Posse Comitatus Act: Using the military to police the American people on American soil.

7. Fast and Furrious: CIA assult rifle shipments to mexico, to accuse and subvert the Second Ammendment.

8. Failure to prosecute proven crimes against the state.

9. Failure to prosecute securities fraud.

10. Failure to prosecute cabinet member for purgery to Congress.

11. Government and military involvement with known terrorist organizations (al-Qaeda), the terrorist group that the government said was responsible for the attacks of 911.

12. Illegal search, seazure, and detension.

13. Subversion of the First Amendment.

14. Subversion of the Forth Amendment.

A complete list will be submitted at time of filing.





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