Stop Romany cultural appropriation

Frances Reilly
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To whom it may concern:

We support Robert Lovell Kamulo's complaint.

As people of true Romany (Gypsy) descent, we support Robert Lovell Kamulo's complaint in recent days to the New Zealand government and “The Original Gypsy Fair”, which is a registered New Zealand business to owner Mr. Jim Banks.

We are a race with our own culture and identity. We contest that this above-named fair is appropriating our culture, race and identity towards which they have no rights or claims.

We request the following:

  • “The Original Gypsy Fair”, removes all United Kingdom copyrighted imagery from all and any of their advertising, including posters, newspaper and flyers as well as online marketing websites and emails. Furthermore, we request
  • “The Original Gypsy Fair” consider removing the name and description, “Gypsy” from their registered business for it constitutes false stereotyping of the true Gypsy people.

This is a world-wide petition. Please take note we have ethnic rights under UN Charters. We will pursue all means and avenues necessary to have our voices heard and acknowledged via email and other media to highlight the responsibilities of the appropriate New Zealand government departments’ ethnic and cultural human rights toward authentic Gypsy peoples.

Thank you,

Yours truly,

Bob Lovell



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