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We oppose mandatory masks in Columbia

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We the undersigned STRONGLY OPPOSE the Emergency Ordinance requiring that Face Coverings or Masks Be Worn in Public in the City of Columbia.
We are opposed to forced wearing of masks for several health and other reasons. Here we will focus on health reasons and point out constitutional applications. Please consider carefully that you are not medically qualified to make this call. If you mandate masks and it results in harm to anyone (and it will), you will be opening yourselves up to class action lawsuits.
Constitutional applications:
“We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure Domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty…”
The government is here to serve us, NOT to enslave us.
Domestic tranquility is impossible to maintain when people are agitated, struggling to breathe, experiencing claustrophobia, and unable to read faces to determine friend or foe.
Domestic tranquility is impossible to maintain when we encourage large groups of masked thugs who cannot be identified when they commit crimes.

The Declaration of Independence affords us the right to pursue happiness.
1. It is impossible to be happy when forced to wear a mask. General pleasantries cease when we are not allowed to greet one another with a smile.
2. Deaf and hard of hearing people can’t function at all without the ability to read facial expressions and lips.
3. Frustration leads to violence and you will be responsible for creating such conditions.
There are numerous other examples.
For the purpose of pointing out the potential legal ramifications of this Committee’s decision for mandatory masks, we have included below excerpts from the Journal of Physics about Environmental Suffocation. The link to the entire article is below the quotes.
The second paragraph begins the environmental portion stating: “The asphyxia caused by environmental suffocation occurs in the event of a deficiency or inadequacy of oxygen in the environment.”
“The first phase or acute phase is a vasoconstriction mechanism that increases the resistance of the blood vessels. The second phase occurs if the hypoxia condition persists longer (at least one week); this condition will trigger the remodeling of the blood vessels [11]. In this study, the observed hypoxia was of the first phase or acute phase.”
“In our study, the decreasing oxygen level in the chamber, which mimicked environmental suffocation, was proved to cause hypoxia and artery blood gas changes and showed the shifting pattern explained above. These changes were statistically significant. The shifting pattern identified here could be used by forensic pathologists in solving death cases caused by environmental suffocation.” (p.11)
“The decrease in breathing frequency was in agreement with respiratory failure theory.” (P.11)
Forcing people to wear masks is not something to take lightly. If just one adverse event results from such a decision, we would expect the possibility of murder charges against any individuals who force this outrageous oppression of limiting air supply on the people.
Many of us have spoken to employees forced to wear masks. Almost every single one of them reported feeling uncomfortable or "dizzy" by the end of the day.

Thank you for listening and for serving the city.

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