We need military Intervention in Los Angeles and San Diego counties due to corruption.

Celeste Cortes
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Christopher Domer is the lastest victim of this mass corruption. Many who have no idea how EVIL these corrupt JERKS are can not Imagine what culd drive a man to go on a killing spree. But there is alot of us who are also victims of at least one of these two counties. Some by police brutality, Police setting us up, Some by there family courts and others by there realestate shcemes and that is to list a few. How can we burn candles for Police officers when they drag our children by force screaming and crying out of our houses to be trafficked in CPS trafficking rings, or beat a down syndrome boy who was just walking down the street. Jonah Shacknai can kill our children in foster care with pharmaceutical and experiments, but when his girl friend accidently knock his son down the stairs. Bill Gore rules a suicide when it is scientifically impossible. We made Ponchis the 14 year old assasin out to be a monster but nobody even questioned how did the American Foster child end up in Mexico. Chistopher Domer is a TRUE AMERICAN willing to do what it takes to make the United States do something about the corruption in LA and San Diego. I petition the DOD take over bothe counties and feel free to call up the Malitia if the need any help gathering up the Police and politicians.




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