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We need heat. No more space heaters.

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Dear Board of Directors and Management,

I am writing to express serious concern about the lack of heat in my apartment, and my desire to work in partnership with you to find a solution. Despite all efforts to weatherize my apartment—sealing the windows, covering the AC with multiple layers of quilted covers and heavy blankets—the temperature in my unit falls below 68 degrees daily, and never reaches above 70. On Christmas morning, it was 66 degrees (see attached photo).

I work from home, so I do everything I can to stay warm enough to focus on work, including dressing in multiple layers, and wearing blankets, hats, and even my coat inside my apartment. I’ve begun speaking to my fellow shareholders, particularly those who, like me, are living in the D series of apartments whose walls connect to the outside on three sides and are less insulated by neighboring units.

With very few exceptions, we are cold.

Almost all of us are running at least one, and often multiple space heaters in our apartments to supplement the lack of heat from the building. Space heaters are not only incredibly energy inefficient, they are also dangerous. The recent tragedy on East 181st street is a devastating example of why space heaters have been called a fireman’s worst nightmare.

My fellow shareholders and I are supportive of the Board’s stated goal of greater energy efficiency; however, this goal cannot be reached at the expense of our safety and wellbeing.

Furthermore, with the transition to electric submetering, the cost of heat is effectively being displaced onto individual shareholders. Because electric heat is so inefficient, this increases the financial burden on us. I’ve spoken to folks who are running their ovens as a more affordable heating source—also a dangerous and inefficient way to heat an apartment.

We ask you to take prompt action to increase the heat in our apartments. Thank you in advance for your partnership in solving this problem.


Callie Thuma (Apt 3D) and Fellow Shareholders

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