We Need A Massive Reform Of The Judicial System

Robin Gold
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We, the undersigned, do hereby attest to the fact that the judicial system in our country is in need of a major overhaul.


We want all of our judges elected, not apppointed. None of them should be allowed to run completely unopposed.

We want no more "untouchable" demi-gods on the bench. We need simple and effective recourse against any judges who think they cannot be held accountable for their abuse of power, their judicial misconduct, or the malpractice of their profession.

We want an end to the practice of "postpone and adjourn" as a delay tactic a judge can use to string out your case until you have no more money to pay your lawyer.

We want cameras in the courtrooms to prevent judicial misconduct from simply being kept off the record and thereby hidden.


In short, we are fed up with judges who play fast and loose with the rules and regulations. This includes the use of catch-22 type technicalities and loopholes to end-run the results of voter referendums or laws they do not happen to like.


Court reform is needed to check the growing autonomy of lawyers and judges from complying with the laws they are sworn to uphold.


Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Respectfully submitted ...


Robin Gold, Ph.D. and Irving M. Salos, Ph.D.




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