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We don't want to hear the name of Jesus Christ blasphemed on TV or film!

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Sick and tired of hearing the name of Jesus Christ constantly blasphemed day after day on TV and in film? It's bad enough that His name is constantly blasphemed by the average person in our western “Christian” society without having it reinforced by the media and Hollywood.

This petition has come about as I am sick and tired to the back teeth of settling down to watch a film and then suddenly, without warning, being subjected to offensive blasphemy. Even PG and 12 rated films readily blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ now. In stark and glaring contrast, the TV and film industry generally do not generally tend to disrespect and drag the names of other religious leaders through the mud (for example Mohammed, or Buddha). Why should we Christians stand for this?

At the very least, it would be helpful if DVDs, movies, and TV shows pre-warned people who find blasphemy offensive (as they do with swearing content) so that a prson can make up their own mind as to whether to view or not.

It would be nice if this petition picks up a pace and people in the media and film industry take some notice. As it stands, although I enjoy watching a film with a good story, and a bit of TV, I am reluctant to watch much of anything these days.

I find the blatant disregard and disrespect of Jesus Christ highly offensive and feel that something should be done about this. Please take the time to sign this petition and share it with your friends in the hope that someone, somewhere, in a position of influence might sit up and take some notice. Thank you.

Please note: It has come to my attention that when people sign this petition they are asked to contribute money. This is nothing i have set up and i can only assume it is from the ipetitions company, not for this cause. Please feel free to ignore this.

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