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We Deserve Better Instruction

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We created a petition because we need a new professor to teach the class. After three weeks of instruction, Prof. Yao has spent more time speaking about himself than actually teaching the class anything SOM related. He has continuously stressed how important the midterms weigh on our grade, as our grades are made up of ONLY midterm and finals, yet he does not make an effort to properly prepare us for it. He demands we buy HIS book for his own personal benefit, yet takes weeks to arrive as well as costs a lot in times of financial struggle( we are in a pandemic). Initially, we thought it was odd that he would mandate we buy his own books in order to pass the class but bought it in order to follow along as the class went on. To our surprise, his book was backtracked through CSUN so it was not delivered to students until week 2 or 3. After reading up on the chapters we "went over in class", it was to our surprise that Professor Yao has yet to teach us multiple functions, formulas, and overall concepts. A lot of students in his class have expressed their concerns in regards to the class. We find ourselves constantly teaching ourselves concepts that should have been gone over during class. Throughout the first three weeks of school, we have found ourselves thoroughly confused as to what is going on throughout the lectures because 1. his PowerPoints consist of one worded slides 2. he fails to explain anything and 3. When students have asked questions during class, he would get upset, raise his voice at us, or speak in a rude manner. As a result, multiple students have him filmed on zoom being rude to their peers. Our midterm is 2 weeks away and he has communicated to us that he is depriving us of PROPER time for our midterm. Admitting to dropping our time from 75 minutes( what he has given all of his previous classes ) to 60 minutes. The exam consisting of 40+ questions, half of which are time consuming calculations. In addition, he has expressed that he will NOT allow us to skip questions and return to them later if we deem necessary. He reacted very rudely when multiple students simply asked for a fair plain field. That being, allowing us to take 75 minutes ( like ALL of his other classes previously) oppose to 60 minutes. As well as the ability to skip questions if we for whatever reason feel confused in regards to a question. We feel as if this is crucial to the success of our midterm. Truth is, this adaptation to zoom classes is difficult enough. The fact that he is doing all this is making it that much more difficult. If we were in person taking our midterm, we would have the ability to skip a question and go back in order to prioritize time management and to get the most of our grade. We feel it is unfair to risk not finishing the exam in the time frame given or getting answers wrong in order to get the most of our exams. This will heavily impact everyone's grade, especially if he is depriving us of those extra 15 minutes. Another obstacle students have express is his lack of basic computer knowledge. He is not tech savvy at all which really interferes with our lectures apart from the fact he on average spends 20/30 minutes of our class time, every class, talking about himself. It is extremely frustrating to sit through a 3 hour zoom lecture when he speaks so low and has poor equipment/microphone. In past lectures, we have asked him to repeat himself because either we couldn't hear or did not understand what he said. A lot of the times we have asked questions, he has responded rudely, raising his voice, or in a very upset manner. Thus, making our class environment very hostile. People would rather ask other students ( who are also very confused because he does not explain anything) oppose to ask him. We do not feel it is fair he gets paid a salary, mandates we buy HIS book, and we, as students, have to pay tuition to half learn a subject so crucial to the success of our future. This class is a prerequisite. It is the very fundamental of what we will be doing not only in future classes but in our careers. How will you expect students to continue to do well in this class as well as other classes they may take their senior year. If we the very foundation of future classes is completely unstable.

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