We Demand NC Federal Bureau Investigation to investigate Columbus County Sheriff Department and Remove Sheriff Christopher Batten from his position.

calvin norton
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Our County of Columbus County, North Carolina has been a target for Severe Gang Violence and Shootings, bi-weekly in several areas of our communities. The Sheriff is an elected official, whom failed a fiduciary duty and trust in our community by willfully violating to deprive or conspire to deprive a person of a right protected by the US Constitution or U.S. Law given to him by a local, state, or Federal government agency. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Department continuously interferes, stop, and deprive citizen their right under our Amendment 1 Religious Liberties of the US Constitution and Art. 1 Sec. 13 of NC Constitution , to engage in such misconduct by entering the assembly of worship of our Almighty God to serve warrants and civil summons on defendants while in worship which violates a federal crime and warrants the FBI jurisdiction. The Columbus County Sheriff Department is well aware of at least (4) four different gangs that has rise in our County that continues to shoot, kill, and disrupt our communities of Green Acres, Whiteville City Burk head Street, Whiteville City Sandy Ridge Apartments, Chadbourn City West Smith Street, and more areas in the County of Columbus and the Sheriff’s Department willfully fail to protect and Keep and individual from harm in violation of the color of law statue. That pursuant to Title 42, U.S.C., and Section 14141 makes it unlawful for state or local law enforcement agencies to allow officers to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights protected by the Constitution or U.S. laws, cites that the Police Misconduct Statue given the US Department of Justice the authority to seek civil remedies in cases where law enforcement agencies have policies or practices that foster a pattern of misconduct by employees, in where the departments lacks of supervision/monitoring of officers actions; lacks of justification or reporting by officers on accidents involving the use of force; lack of, or improper training of, officers; and Citizens complaint processes that treat complainants as adversaries. In our State and Federal Courts are numerous law suits against Sheriff Chris Batten’s Department complaints of discrimination, Civil Right Violations, and more were people have been injury of some sort and have lost its trusts in Police or peace officers. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Department has a repeated pattern of unlawful entrapment, taking or seize of drugs, cash, etc., without warrants nor arrests and not given a sufficient accountability of. Our citizens complain, however no actions are taken to protect us from danger or harm WE the citizens of Columbus County and other sister areas demand North Carolina Special Agent in Charge, John A. Strong to intervene and investigate the Columbus County Sheriff Christopher Battens’ Department for a federal crime against the citizens of Columbus County immediately.

I am petitioner,

Bishop Calvin Tyrone Norton for the people

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