WCC Tennis Facility Improvement Petition

Douglas McClure
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We, the undersigned tennis players and members at Westchester Country Club
support the following proposal for the improvement of our tennis facilities and the
expenditure of the budgeted capital improvement funds and important necessary

First, it is essential that our existing pro shop location remain in its current

Second, we also believe that it is in the best interest of the tennis community that
we have our own tennis committee separate from other racquet sports.

It is our desire that the priority of capital expenditures be set as follows:

1. Bubble the third bank of har-tru courts and install an underground watering
system necessary for indoor har-tru court maintenance;
2. Build 2 new hard courts on the open ground between the 3rd bank of har-
tru and the squash facility equipped with a backboard and ball machine;
3. Update and expand the existing Pro Shop in its existing location with new
large windows and court views;
4. Properly furnish the tennis lounge with past champions boards, TV and
comfortable furnishings;
5. Move or soundproof the loud transformer in the tennis lounge;
6. Expand the tennis viewing area near the teaching courts;
7. New larger storage area for tennis ball storage and equipment storage
replacing the existing tennis ball storage shed.

The following maintenance items need to be addressed immediately:

1. Repair and improve lighting system on bank 1 of the har-tru courts;
2. Fix the fencing and gates;
3. Level the grass courts;
4. New landscaping in the green area of the tennis court entrance;
5. New grass sitting area tables and umbrellas.

We believe that the approach we recommend above will elevate WCC tennis
facilities to a premier level status that the Club deserves while minimizing costs.

Respectfully yours,




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