Wellborn Baseball For Youth is in Desperate Need for Softball Field LIghts

Judy Adkison
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Let's join together as one, and raise awareness to the desperate need of field lights for the girls softball field. We have a total of 4 softball teams that share the same softball field. Every night we can only host one game on the softball field, as soon as it gets dark we either have to reschedule the games, have the girls play on another field, or have to go home and play another day.  If we had field lights on the softball field we could host more games which means we could raise more money for our organization. If we had more money we could later expand our bathrooms, have extra money for All Stars, Funday, Field Maintance and more. 

      The girls softball field was built about 8 yrs ago, still no lights. These girls deserve to be able to practice and play just like everyone else.  By signing this petition, we are  coming together as one to let you know how important it is for our girls to have rights.  





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