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IS A BIGGER WAYZATA HIGH SCHOOL REALLY BETTER?? This is time sensitive material because a referendum is currently being written to include a 171,447 square foot addition to support 3,900 students (current enrollment is approximately 3,200). The School Board is voting on the referendum that is currently being written at the next school board meeting and then it will be voted on by the public in February. Our school district is rapidly growing due to some of the following reasons: -1200 new homes have been built in the past 4 years, at least another 1600 new homes will be built in the next 4 years. -Resident enrollment anticipated to increase twice as fast in next ten years as it did in the past ten years -More births -More turnover of “empty-nester” homes In February 2013, the Wayzata School Board appointed a 16-member Community Task Force to come up with solutions for this growth. The task force presented six solutions and it was narrowed down to the two (build a new high school or build an addition). It was then narrowed down further to just building an addition. *Please also note that the task force recommended the addition to support 4,100 students, not 3,900 students….. There are many concerns relating to this high school expansion, some being voiced by the task force. For example, what will happen when the expanded Wayzata High School campus may be challenged to grow further if needed in 20-30 years? Isn't an expansion just a temporary fix? What about the students' ability to participate in all extra-curricular activities, including sports? Is it fair to the students when there is only a small group of participants with a very large cheering section? Is that going to benefit them in their futures? SAFETY….SAFETY…SAFETY…….What about the safety of our children attending a high school even larger than we currently have? PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION IF YOU PREFER A SECOND HIGH SCHOOL OVER AN EXPANDED SINGLE HIGH SCHOOL!!! ****Also, please note current referendum supports building a new elementary school in addition to the high school expansion. We are only petitioning the high school expansion.