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Water Pollution

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Do people take in consideration that the water we drink comes from lakes and ocean bodies? Water is one of our most precious sources and some people don't notice that. Water Pollution is the contamination of water bodies. It usually happens when trash falls into water or oil. Oceans all around the world are at least 25% contaminated. Things people drop in lakes, rivers, bays and oceans dissolve and they become hazardous to sea creatures. Plastic, aluminum, oil or even simple paper could create a bad hazard to sea creatures, humans, and the water body itself.

The water we drink and bath with is purified most of the time. But you never know. Water covers almost 70% of Earth's surface. Water pollution affects the geo and biosphere in so many ways that can harm humans too. What causes water pollution? Most of the time, in cities, people may throw trash on the floor. With the wind, it blows the trash to lakes, bays and oceans. Oil spills are also one of the causes of water pollution. The intoxication on oil can kill sea life. I feel strong about this topic because there are ways to prevent water pollution. There are companies that help prevent oil spills and more animal deaths. Humanity can take action as well. By throwing trash in the trash can is enough. Water pollution is a huge epidemic. But it can be prevented and soon..stoped!

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