Watcombe estate lack of care and maintenance

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The Petition

Are you fed up with the lack of care your estate is receiving from the council? In that they feel it's OK to let the trees grow out of control, the grass grow to knee height and don't bother to repair roads or weed the paths. I am, and I'm asking you to sign this petition so we can do something about it. We all pay community service charges and a lot is collected from this large area of the bay. It's about time we started to receive better service from the authority or even the same service as the other areas of the Bay.

The Demands

We the people of Watcombe estate, (undersigned) demand that Torbay council take immediate action to address the following important issues around this area.

1 Cut back and trim all avenue trees on the estate to a reasonable level. And in some case's remove dangerous old trees that are ripping up paths and are in danger of causing serious damage to property and or, injury or death to the local population.

2 Regularly cut and keep the grass areas in a better condition,as is done in all other parks in the Bay.

3 Repair roads and paths around the whole estate and rid them of the weeds.

4 We would ask that the council approach the relevant housing associations that rent property's in the area and discuss taking action with their residents to keep their gardens in a clean and a tidy state. And to make regular inspections to see this is adhered to. And where in the case that the property be privately owned, take action and enforce regulatory council policy's against these tenants if their property is causing a nuisance.

5 Keep the children's park in a good state of repair and free from litter, also adding litter bins for people to use.

We are not asking for any more than we are paying for and feel that we are being singled out by you (the authority) as a means of saving revenue. We are already known as a impoverished area of the bay and your actions or lack of actions are not making things any easier or making the situation any better.

Finally, and on a more personal note, as a home owner in the area, I feel you Torbay council are directly or at least largely responsible for the depreciating value of my home. And this must stop. I will be investigating legal avenues to seek expert advice on this matter and I can tell you after talking to many other home owners in the Watcombe area, their feelings are much the same.


Photos are included so you can see the situation for yourselves.See photos here

I am very willing and able to meet and discuss any proposals you may have and walk the area with an appointed official at any chosen time and date, if this is what you would want. But the people of Watcombe would like to hear some positive news back from you in the very near future.

Sincerely M.Stockton Resident.

(admin for Watcombe care group Facebook)


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