Washington Sports Museum and Hall of Fame

J. Paul Blake
J. Paul Blake 21 Comments
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The State of Washington has an impressive history of professional and amateur sports competition.

The Seattle Seahawks thrilling run to a Super Bowl championship is only the latest chapter in a remarkable story of Washington state sports including historic accomplishments at every level of athletic competition. Sadly, a repository of that history, as well as future achievements, does not exist.

The time is right to build a family-friendly, state-of-the art Washington Sports Museum and Hall of Fame to house historic sports memorabilia, provide interactive displays, meeting and event spaces, and shared office facilities for sports-related organizations. This world-class tourist attraction would be designed for visitors of all ages to learn by doing, viewing, listening and reading.

I support the Washington Sports Museum and Hall of Fame and encourage our elected officials, our professional franchises, our colleges and universities, sports federations and associations and sports enthusiasts across the state to make the museum a reality.



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