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Train Horn Quiet Zone for Warrensburg Missouri

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We, the undersigned, petition to the City Council of Warrensburg, the Traffic Commission and all other city governing bodies to establish the City of Warrensburg as a Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) approved train horn Quiet Zone (QZ). We want City Council and all other city governing bodies to remedy the noise pollution problem caused by the train whistle by:

 1. Having City Council identify as a priority, to put on the agenda, to research, contact and hire an outside consultant to find out exactly what it would take to establish a QZ for our city.

 2. Having City Council set as a priority a plan for ways to fund establishing the City of Warrensburg as a FRA QZ.

The City of Warrensburg is a wonderful city to live in. However, the noise caused by the train whistle, at all hours of the day and night, are detracting from almost all of the positive reasons for living in this city; Especially knowing that the FRA has made it possible, through the establishment of a QZ, for local governments and municipalities to virtually eliminate all of the noise pollution caused by the damaging sound levels of the train horn when passing through a grade crossing while maintaining and increasing the safety level.  By installing certain Supplemental Safety Measures (SSM's) each crossing will be up to 10 times more safe.  

It has been well documented and researched to the benefits of a full night sleep and the harms that lack of sleep can cause the human body and mind. The following link, http://www.webmd.com/search/search_results/default.aspxsourceType=undefined&query=sleep%20deprivation, is just one example of the numerous articles and studies done on how sleep deprivation can impair your mind and body; how lack of sleep can impair ones judgment, actually causing more accidents and more illness. During sleep and rest the body fights infection, illness and other ailments and regenerates the mind. Therefore, places of healing like hospitals, elderly care centers, safe houses, churches and most importantly your home need to have an environment, among other things, that are conducive to restful sleep to help people heal from their ailments and illness. For reference, between Devasher Rd. and Warren St. there are, on Gay St. alone, approximately 135 homes, 5 churches, 2 schools, a hospital and a care center. Furthermore, think of all the homes, churches, care centers, dormitories, police and fire station that are on Holden, Market, Culton, North, South, Warren, Mitchell, Ridgeview, Broad, etc…that are affected by the noise pollution created by the train horn. Over a 24 hour period on March 21st & 22nd, over 22 trains, all blowing their horns, were counted throughout the day and night. The frequency and the hours of the night that the whistle blows create a negative environment for sleep, healing, working and the overall quality of life. Many of the business in this town, like the recording studio, the many restaurants, massage therapy places and other businesses, along with the university facilities and dormitories would greatly benefit from a QZ as well.

With certain Supplemental Safety Measures (SSM’s) in place, a city government can be approved for a FRA train horn QZ. These improvements can vary in types and expenses. The following website, http://www.wood-harbor.com/Presentation.pdf explains some of these SSM’s, expenses and provisions. This is where a third party consultant can help to sort out the differences in SSM’s and expenses. I.e. negotiate with the FRA, Union Pacific, MoDot and the City to find the safest and most economical way to upgrade the crossings.

We would like to have City Council, the Traffic Commission, the Comprehensive Plan Committee and any other city governing body to make it a priority to eliminate the noise pollution caused by the train horn and establish a QZ for our city. More specifically, I am asking the City Council to identify as a priority, to put on the next City Council agenda, to research, contact and hire a third party consultant to find out the feasibility and the exact expenses associated with establishing a QZ. The following links, http://www.railroadcontrols.com/qzs/ and http://www.wood-harbor.com/new_page_3.htm are two contacts for consultants that have experience assisting communities to establish a QZ. Furthermore, I am asking the City Council, the Traffic Commission and any other city governing body to set as a priority or goal, possible plans for ways to fund establishing the City of Warrensburg as an FRA approved QZ. Whether this is through a “Sunset Provision” for temporary sales tax projects for capitol improvements or other voted on sales tax provisions or any other possible funding option.


This petition is sponsored by Jason Bedore and Michelle Schubert, residents of Warrensburg Missouri, who are tired of hearing the noise pollution caused by the train horn at all hours of the day and night knowing that the FRA has made it possible for city governments to establish a Quiet Zone. A Quiet Zone would greatly improve the quality of life for the residents of this city. We can be contacted at: jasonbedore@hotmail.com


http://www.warrensburg-mo.com The City of Warrensburg\'s website with contact information. http://www.railroadcontrols.com/qzs Consulting firm with case studies on cities establishing FRA Quiet Zones. http://www.wood-harbor.com/new_page_3.htm  Another consulting firm. http://www.lincoln.ne.gov/city/pworks/rtsd/quiet/whatis.htm City of Lincoln Nebraska efforts in establishing a Quiet Zone. http://www.lincoln.ne.gov/city/pworks/rtsd/quiet/study/index.htm Quiet Zone Study proposed to City of Lincoln Nebraska.

http://www.fra.gov/ The federal railroads administration website.

http://www.webmd.com/search/search_results/default.aspxsourceType=undefined&query=sleep%20deprivation WebMD search results for sleep deprivation.


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