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Warren wants back in school five full days. While our BOE was able to open doors in the fall, the process has not moved fast enough to accommodate more students that are suffering. At 15 weeks in, only K-2 is getting in-person daily with no plan in sight for 4-8, while 3rd grade stalls due to meeting dates. We need to encourage them to move faster and be transparent with us in their plans. We asked months ago for a Town Meeting setting that would give us actual answers and allow us to feel heard and we have had no further information since September. We hope to lead families who feel this is necessary and push the envelope for educating during this crisis.

Our teachers have been forefront in helping our children through this and without whom, there would be no in-person school at all. Let them teach and do the wonderful jobs they did so well in Warren-a main reason many of us moved here and chose the public school system. We ask for a plan for a true return to the classroom and feel this should be decided by March 1 and we hope decisions will be prepared to be shared in detail at that time. Not just for third grade but for all grades going forward. Each deserves to know it's return plan. Parental and student frustration continues to grow without a clear structure and timeframe. Being held in limbo is not working for parents who see the harm being caused to their kids on a daily basis. Time can not continue to tick by with no action. We understand the next discussion is not due until February 16th so we ask you to sign by February 8th to allow the recipients of our requests to have ample time to process.

Countless people have never even stopped working since this started. There are so many perspectives to see this from and we know ours is not the only one. If you are a parent of a school aged child, yours has been tragic, as we have all watched our kids receive less than 1/2 the amount of school hours, broken into blocks that are unmanageable for children to get anything from, as they struggle to stay engaged and interested. The statistics are staggering that show the amount of curricular loss that has and will only continue to occur. Not to mention the mental, emotional and developmental toll this is having on children especially. With each article that comes out, the feeling gets more and more hopeless and when we are dealing with our children, this should never be an option.

We also know some may not be ready to move forward with more in-person education. We see you and hear you and feel you have the right to your decisions. However, we have the right to ours and what we feel best for our children as well. Choose to stay fully virtual that's what works for you. We ask no one to feel forced to sign. Your signature may also remain anonymous and only your vote will count in the total. It's the numbers we need so please share this with anyone who may not have received it. We need voices and support to be heard, Warren.

All family members may sign, adults and children alike. We suggest children advocate for themselves and comment why they feel this is important. We hope if they hear enough children's voices, they will see the bigger picture.

Help keep public education a priority and get our kids back in school.

Many thanks!

Your WarrenInSchoolFullTimeTaskForce

FYI-To be clear, iPetition may ask for a donation after you sign. It is not mandatory to be able to sign. This is not our ask. It is at the request of their website. Please know your donation is not coming to our schools. We are asking for NO MONEY, just signatures. Thank you.

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