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American demands for the War on Terror

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The War on Terror is a broad subject. It seems to be a pretext for unlimited war and limited civil liberties. Additionally, the War on Terror seems to be an excuse for current and future economic problems. These factors make the War on Terror a means of expanding government power, limiting civilian freedoms, and limiting the liability of politicians for real problems. The need to fight terrorism was clearly demonstrated on 9-11-01. The problem is that the current method of fighting terrorism may be flawed. The right of the people of the United States to influence their government has been bought with the blood of many patriots. The freedoms that have been acquired at such a high price can\'t be given up without question. With that in mind... We the people of the United States, demand the following Bill of Rights for the War on Terror: 1. The government will make public a comprehensive plan for winning the struggle against terrorism. National Security details are not necessary but a plan that explains what goals must be met and why is required to prevent other nations and the public from interfering in the War on Terror. 2. Homeland Defense must be designed to include public participation instead of limiting individual rights. In a short-term emergency, police and other authorities may be able to act more efficiently by containing the public but a long-term effort that focuses on limiting public rights only invites oppression. 3. Weapons of mass destruction can cause different levels of damage and the American public must be informed of the likely impact of such an attack as well as being informed of the worst-case scenario. Utilizing the fear of terrorist attacks to grow government power and to limit individual freedoms is unacceptable. 4. Most of the damage of a terrorist attack, with or without weapons of mass destruction, can be limited. The American public must be informed of both how and why the damage can be limited. 5. The resources of the United States, and its people, are not unlimited. The government of the United States will develop and make public a plan to fight the War on Terror and to provide Homeland Defense that accounts for the resources to be used and debt incurred and provides a framework for eliminating and paying off any debt, including existing debt. 6. International peace and goodwill are desired by the people of the United States. The government of the United States must embrace existing means of international communication or propose another forum for the nations of the world to resolve their differences. 7. War may be used in the struggle to eliminate international terrorism. If the United States engages in conflict with any nation then it must develop a public plan for rebuilding that nation and reestablishing the stability of the international community. 8. Maintaining security of the American people is the purpose of the United States government. The government of the United States may not compromise the economic and physical security of the people of the United States for any purpose. 9. The rights and privileges of the citizens of the United States must be maintained and expanded whenever possible during the War on Terror. The observance of human rights must also me maintained for all of the world


03/18/2003 This petition is sponsered by a concerned citizen. You may contact me directly at Petition@Spec2Bid.com. The purpose of this petition is to bring clarity to the War on Terror so that victory against terrorism will be possible. This is not an anti-Bush or pro-Bush petition. Anyone with positive or negative comments please send them directly to my E-mail link. Remember a negative comment posted as a signature is actually an electronic vote for this document.


http://www.whitehouse.gov The White House website http://www.ready.gov/ Homeland Defense preparedness website http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0974953806/ Conservative analysis of progress and problems in the War on Terror.
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