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We Want Global Cabal

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Straight from Duo from OnRPG Yes yes, I know this belongs in the CABAL section, but there are just way more people that visit this section of the forums, and large support is what I need at this time. Here\'s a little story. Once upon a time around November 2006 ~ January 2007, a new online game known as CABAL online came into existance. It was a fun game, loved by many, hated by few. When the final closed beta came to an end, all the fans eagerly awaited the release of open beta. One month passed, and many of the fans still held onto CABAL. Two months passed, and some people started to lose hope, while the new topic of "ESTsoft needs to find a company to host the servers" appeared ravenously. Three months...then four months....five, six, seven months passed. No one had heard anything from ESTsoft or global CABAL, nothing at all. Many hearts were broken, and many chose to move on in anger and sadness to other games they didn\'t really enjoy just to fill up the time they would\'ve spent playing CABAL. Eight months, nine months pass. Korean CABAL has gone F2P, European CABAL has gone F2P, Brazil CABAL has been launched, and news of cabalSEA launching in the near future appear. "Where was our Global CABAL" the remaining fans wonder. Many rumors started popping up, rumors that ESTsoft will host its own servers for Global CABAL. The rumor that a launch date for open beta in December came to rise, and the spirits of many players were reinforced, while others merely shrugged it off, saying that it was only a rumor and that it probably will not happen. As discussion of the rumor passed, the activity levels dropped to almost absolute zero. Month ten rolls around, where we stand today, and another rumor has surfaced. Cabal Global releases on November 11th, 2007 in open beta. While some are now attaching themselves to the cabalSEA community, some stand firm to Global CABAL, believing that an IP ban will be sure to destory their fun, just like Japan, just like Europe. Some, like myself, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of both versions of CABAL with some hope that SEA will be the exception, the loophole, and the version we USA people may play to our hearts\' content while awaiting the launch of our very own Global CABAL. I now stand before you as someone who may sound too eager for a single video game, and someone who wants it badly enough to make a move. "Just move on Duo, play something else in your free time" is what most of you are now thinking. Yes, yes I have moved on. During the last ten months I have been filling my time with filler video games that just didn\'t live up to CABAL\'s level of entertainment. Those days are over, and I\'m prepared to play something that I will actually enjoy. For those who were patient enough to read through my story, the point of this thread is for all CABAL fans to post their forum name or real name or any sort of name as a signature that you would play CABAL when it is released back into this gameless world of ours. If I compile enough signatures in a fair amount of time, then I will e-mail this thread to ESTsoft as a message to them that there are people out there who want to play CABAL, people who have not given up, people who want to once again shave through Desert Scream, or go on multiple Lake in Dusk runs with their guild. If you are one who wishes for the return of CABAL, then post your forum name or real name or CABAL IGN (if you have played global CB) or any name to identify yourself, and a little message to make it clear that you intend on returning to CABAL. Note: You do NOT have to provide me with all your names, I only need one for your signature, but if you would like to write more then by all means go ahead if you feel comfortable with doing so. If you are NOT one who wishes for the return of CABAL, please be so kind as to not disturb the goal of this thread, and peacefully ignore this. I believe I should write my own information as well. Real name: Alex Forum name: Duo IGN: FullDuo ~ I plan on changing my IGN for open beta May Global CABAL once again exist in this world, ~Duo. My Words: Just type in \"We Want Global Cabal!\" in the comments box.



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