Bring down Wallaby9D8!

John Paul
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ONLY wallaby9D8 haters can sign,this petition is made to bring him down,if enough ppl sign,we can bring him down for good,he is also a stubborn dick who backstabs his friends and cries about the littlest thing,trolls his OWN FRIENDS and if any1 doesn't doesn't with him 100% he automatically hates them,and then he's friends with them again in a month,he is also very annoying and bipolar,he tells trolls to mess with his friends if he doesn't get his way and possible examples of ppl he has bacstabbed are: radicalcrash vgman94 MRCrashFusion CrashToHedgehog bigalex978 TheEpicGamer2010 so sign this petition if you absolutly cannot stand Wallaby9D8!!!




  • 7 years ago
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