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Brittany Holland
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This is important to me because I am a college kid who can't afford to pay this and don't want my credit to go bad.

In May of 2013, I got in a car accident and suffered head injuries from it. I know that one can start having side effects from such injuries months later. In October I started gettting terribly painful headaches that no painkiller could get rid of, and everytime I got a headache I got dizzy as well. A few days in November the dizziness got so bad that I could barely walk straight. My friends decided to try to help, so they took me to the closest emergency room, which happened to be Banner Health Center. I had turned 19 in October, and as a result, lost my insurance. I had been looking for a new plan, and kept telling my friends I had to wait until I had insurance to go to the doctors to see how it could be fixed... But they didn't want to wait any longer because they were worried about me.

We got to the hospital and I checked in. Then the nurse took me to the back to change into a gown so the doctor could get me checked out. He did the standard: "follow my fingers, look at my nose" etc., routine. He concluded that there was nothing wrong that was seemingly connected to the accident. He told me they were going to hook me up to an IV and feed some fluids through it. A student nurse came in. Now, I know you have to learn somehow, but this nurse had literally no idea what she was doing. She tapped my veins with her fingers for a few minutes then said she knew which one to put it in. Then she poked around some more on the lower half of my arm and tried to put the needle in. She messed it up and my blood started dripping everywhere (that was probably because she couldn't even see the vein she was putting it into). I bled for a good two or three minutes while, in broken English, she asked my friends (who had accompanied me to the room) to search for something to stop it. Once they couldn't find it she finally left my side and began searching for cotton to stop it. After that was done with, she tried to draw blood from me (to run pregnancy tests on it without my consent or knowledge) and splattered that all over the room because she pulled the "sucker" part of the syringe out of the tube. After I was finally completely hooked up to the IV, they started letting the fluids into me. They did absoutely nothing for me, besides make the dizziness worse, because what they put in me wasa mixture of SALINE SOLUTION and BENADRYL.The doctor himself was absent the entire time this was happening.

So, instead of just sending me home after the doctorKNEWthere was nothing he could do for me, he left me to sit in the emergency room for three hours. And then they decided to bill me$2,100.

Were I an actual adult (aka one paying taxes and working full time to support themselves and their families) I would most likely be able to pay that. However, considering I am a college student with no source of income right now because I can't find a job, I have no way of even coming up with a payment plan to begin paying this off. Also, I feel that this is a ridiculous amount of money to have to pay, considering they literally did nothing for me besides make my condition worse and leave their room painted in my blood.



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