WA7 Save Our Green Spaces August 2012

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We, the undersigned oppose Halton Housing Trust Plans to build houses on designated greenspace land at Festival Way, Birch Road and Boston Avenue.

We oppose for the following reasons


1.     Under Halton Borough Council’s existing Unitary Development Plan (UDP), the amended proposed development remains contrary to:


a.     Chapter 3 – The Green Environment

b.     Policy GE6 – Protection of Designated Greenspace and;

c.     GE8 – Development within Designated Greenspace

2.     Under Halton Borough Council’s Local Development Framework (LDF), the amended proposed development remains contrary to Appendix 1 of its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2010/2011 (0-5 year plan).  The area in question – SHLAA Site 140 – is not proposed for development until 2018/2019 and at that point, a maximum of 15 dwellings is indicated. 

3.     The amended proposed development remains contrary to Halton Borough Council’s ecological obligations and would unacceptably exacerbate the already significant traffic volume in the area and could potentially cause conditions prejudicial to highway safety.

4.     The amended proposed development would involve the removal of some mature trees, without acceptable justification or mitigation, therefore remaining contrary to Policy Two of Halton Borough Council’s Natural Assets Strategy 2007 – 2012.  All the trees in the area are very important to existing residents and are essential to the area’s character.

5.     The amended proposed development would lead to a significant loss of amenity, a significant loss of open space and a significant loss of privacy.






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