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Ask Vivendi Universal to Publish WWII ONLINE

Kevin Mckenna
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This petition is to request that VU Games CEO Bruce Hack consider VU Games publish World War II Online. Currently, WWIIONLINE is without a publisher. Without the funds for marketing and development that a publishing contract brings, WWIIONLINE will not be able to increase their player base and thus, the game will not grow. With one of gaming\'s most loyal player bases, (currently between 10k and 14k monthly subscibers) WWIIONLINE has an upside potential that should be very appealing to any potential investor. With the help of such a powerful partner as VU Games, WWIIONLINE would flourish. Development and marketing would be the greatest gain in this venture with WWIIONLINE reaching an unprecedented audience size. Also, the advancement of the new \"Terrain II\" graphic would proceed at a much quicker rate. In summary: VU Games is one of the gaming indutrie\'s most powerful publishers with the ability to make WWIIONLINE truly fulfill it\'s potential. A worldwide playerbase of tens of thousands of WWII enthusiats replaying some of the greatest battles in history. For VU Games the investment would have virtually no downside. *The subscriber base for WWIIONLINE has held steady for 3 years with little or no marketing. *The developer team (CRS)has created the largest MMPORG world in existence. The concept of replaying World War II in a virtual world 24/7 has an immeasurable marketing potential. *Unlike most of the WWII FPS\'s that are currently in the market, WWIIONLINE\'s focus on keeping historicaly accurate in it\'s development approach has won the praise of many in the gaming community. *The WWIIONLINE playerbase, is rabid and loyal. (As demonstrated by this petition) The player community is what makes this game live and breath. It\'s an invaluable resource that VU Games could tap into. Best of\'s FREE! I hope that VU Games will consider adding WWWIIONLINE and CRS to it\'s prestigious portfolio. About CRS: Cornered Rat Software is the developer of World War II Online . The \'Rats\' came from earlier award-winning ventures and are known throughout the industry as the creators of exciting internet-based massively multiplayer games. They created titles that set new Internet gaming standards. CRS isn\'t just part of the industry, they helped create it. World War II Online is just the newest standard. About VU Games: Vivendidi Universal Games (also known as VU Games) publishes best-selling video game titles for PC, console systems, and the Web. Games include The Simpsons: Hit & Run, The Hulk, Warcraft, and Crash Bandicoot. VU Games owns development studios such as Blizzard Entertainment, Fox Interactive, Knowledge Adventure, and Massive Entertainment. It also co-publishes and distributes games for partners including Interplay, InXile entertainment, and Mythic Entertainment. VU Games was among assets tagged for sale by parent Vivendi, but it is no longer for sale.


This petition is sponsered by the World War II Online Gaming community and it\'s subscriber base.

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