Votes For Kids

Emma Kristjanson-Gural
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12 Signatures Goal: 100,000

Hi, my name is Emma. When my brother Rudy and I were walking around going door to door reminding people to vote, we wondered why kids are not aloud to vote. Now some of you might say that kids are too immature to understand these things. But kids are America's future and I think that we can previde new ideas for the countrys economy. I really care about what happens in this country and as I talk with my peers about the election I realize they do too. Lots of kids say it's impossible for kids to ever be able to vote. Well, isn't that what women thought before they had that right? We, the kids of America, ask you to please help us have a say in the future. Once I have 100,000 signatures, I will present this to congress. WE CAN DO THIS!





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