Vote on the "Employee Free Choice Act" Senate, Congress; Sign It Into Law, Mr. President

Pearce Cosey
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3 Signatures Goal: 5,000,000

The Employee Free Choice Act would amend the National Labor Relations Act. It would establish a style that enables employees to form, join, or assist labor unions, to provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts, and for other purposes.

First, the bill would have allowed a union to be certified as the official union to bargain with an employer if union officials collect signatures of a majority of workers. Removing the right of employers to demand an additional, seperate ballot when more than half of employees have already given their signature supporting the unionSecond, 120 days after a union is recognized, it would require employers and unions to enter a binding arbitration to produce a collective agreement. Third, the piece of legislation would increase penalties on employers who discriminate against workers for union involvement.

That's why I am asking members of Congress and the Senate along with the President Obama to reintroduce this bill.