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Vote Nigel Farage to appear more on TV

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My dear friends, colleagues, and associates, the time has now come to put our foot down and demand that Nigel Farage (our great party leader) has the opportunity to have his share of TV coverage and get the same publicity as the Conservatives, Liberals and Labour gets. It is a fact that a number of high powered executives in charge of a number of TV channels are being bullied by David Cameron, Nick Clegg to keep Nigel Farage and the UKIP party out of the lime light. The reason Cameron, Clegg and Miliband do not want Nigel Farage to have an open debate with them is that he will tear them to shreds and expose their lies and put them to shame. It is disgraceful, outrageous how the other political parties have influenced to stop Nigel Farage and the UKIP party from getting any TV coverage. However, you know what they say ‘you cannot keep a good man down’ What is absolutely crucial is all UKIP members stay loyal to our party leader and we all sing off the same hymn sheet and do not have any internal political fighting within UKIP like the other clowns !. I am sure you are aware this was the downfall of Lady Thatcher so we need to learn from their mistakes. However, after meeting thousands of UKIP supporters, it is quite extraordinary that 99% of UKIP voters have a very down-to-earth personality and are straight talking people. Over the last two months, I have watched and studied Nigel Farage’s debates in the European Parliament and it is absolutely unbelievable that we are blessed with the most knowledgeable politician that I believe this country hasn’t seen since the days of Churchill. Nigel Farage is no doubt in anyone’s mind the person that will get UKIP into parliament and get this country back to being great Britain and to put this economy back on its feet. Finally, I urge all UKIP supporters to log on to the following petition, put your correct name and address, email and phone number if possible and you may not know this but if parliament receive any petition with over 10000 signatures they have to address the petition and resolve the problem that UKIP are facing as a political party concerning TV coverage. I must now stress that you tell all your friends, families, uncles, aunts, your children to tell their friends to log on and sign this petition as quickly as possible so our UKIP army and I can go to No.10 Downing Street and hand this petition to David Cameron personally. You and I and all of our members will huff and puff until we blow the door at No 10 in. Watch out Farage is about! God bless all UKIP members, let us all stay loyal to each other and let’s get our Country back to how it was in the 80s when people could smile and not worry about where the next penny is coming from and not being told what to do by another country. Thank you for your time and please sign the petition right now. I hope to be knocking on David Cameron’s door within the next 6-7 weeks with the 10,000 or more signed petition. I will make sure when this petition is submitted that we get every national newspaper there and all the TV stations. This government won’t like this course of action because it will show them in their true colours. If we have to block Downing Street for 2-3 days until we are heard so be it. This high level corruption stopping Nigel Farage getting a fair exposure on TV like the other politicians has to stop now. Let’s remember our forefathers who fought for our country in both world wars and sacrificed their lives for us. Kind regards, Richard Hunt UKIP through and through

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