Vote for Link in GameFAQS Character Battle IX on September 2, 2013

Preston Condra
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To people that are followers of, a popular Character Battle takes place on the website biannually or annually on the website that involves, the gamers voting for his or her favorite Video Game Character Of All-Time. These competitions have been running on since 2002. Recently our ninth annual (or biannual) Character Battle is underway. Link, a popular hybrid elf like human being from Nintendo's own, The Legend Of Zelda series has been the reigning champion of the Character Battles since 2002 with Link winning the Character Battles, six of the eight times Link has competed in one. Coming up? At Midnight on, arguably one of the important matches in Character Battle history will be taking place that time on September 2, 2013. Midnight Eastern time. A character named Draven, a character from a video game that has skyrocketed in popularity, League Of Legends will be one of two competitors competing with Link (basically the champion of champions of Character Battles) on that day. Matches are set up in Character Battle IX in a 3-way format with visitors of the website allowed to vote for, one of the three available characters to vote for in the poll. Matches in Character Battle IX have lasted interchangeably at different time intervals. Some last for 24 hours while other matches last only for 12 hours. Link vs. Commander Shepard vs. Draven will be a match that lasts for 24 hours. Why is this match seen as a big deal? Draven was recently seen and arguably seen cheating in his warpath and run of Character Battle IX so far. Draven's matches have had the highest vote totals of ANY other match in Character Battle IX. Both of Draven's matches prior to his match with Link had the highest vote totals of Character Battle IX. It's head-scratching to not take a notice of this if you follow the Character Battle. Prior to Draven's match in the second round of the competition, people claim that a rally was formed and support (and arguably cheating) was pouring in from where Draven was seen with crushing his opponents with ease and all of this support was unmistakably cheating while Draven's match with Mega Man X and Ryu happened back in Round 2. GameFAQS had shown an outcry for how Draven was seen in the simplest terms with cheating in the competition and it's thought that Draven looks unstoppable and Link might just lose the match to Draven. Link may have lost a match before in a GameFAQS Character Battle but not at an early period of the tournament. Link had lost to Cloud Strife in 2003 and L-Block in 2007. Both in either a Semi-Final or Finals Round. If Link loses his match with Draven? LAW would be broken and GameFAQS Character Battles would lose dignity as many see it as fowl play for how Draven was cheating with getting outside support of with winning a match. This is a petition where you hereby creed that YOU WILL vote for Link on September 2, 2013 at in the Link vs. Commander Shepard vs. Draven match in Character Battle IX. This is all out support petition for Link. NOT support for Draven whatsoever. Some people say Character Battles will lose their reputation if Draven upsets Links, the head and honcho of GameFAQS Character Battles. A petition ran by Preston Ward Condra AKA PrestonStarry on Please show you're support for Link at the time and place of such an event like this will be taking place at This is Preston Ward Condra signing off now. Please sign the petition and keep with should be having GameFAQS Character Battles in balance as they seem uneven the way they are with Draven dominating it's opposition in the GameFAQS Character Battle IX so far. Thank you. Show you're support. Petition for Link. Vote for Link on September 2, 2013 at and keep LAW unbroken, unharmed and unimpaired.