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Voices Against Violence - Speak out to stop the mindless assaults

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We the signatories of this petition wish to speak out against the growing trend of Social Violence. WE DEMAND THAT THE GOVERNMENT TAKE DECISIVE ACTION TO Ø Improve Education programs in our schools to instil respect for human life and community values from a young age Ø Increase Awareness of the impacts of violence amongst young people Ø Improve the management and control of licensed venues Ø Ensure appropriate consequences for pepetrators of violent assault through harsher sentencing that adequately punishes and also acts as a deterent for others. As a community we need a concerted approach towards changing the growing culture of violence. We urge the government to consider the following suggestions... Education: We need to teach young people, particularly boys, how to behave in a socially acceptable way. The foundation for this needs to occur in schools. An engaging program of ‘guest speakers’ with influence such as sports stars and celebrities would have a greater impact than a ‘lecture’ from a teacher. Awareness: A hard-hitting advertising campaign similar to TAC ads is needed to deliver messages to adults that frequent pub and clubs. This should be supported by posters and imagery displayed in venues. A TV ad will soon be forgotten after a few drinks, whereas a poster in a club may act as a prompt or reminder when it is need the most. Target a campaign at mates and girlfriends to look out for their mates. Eg “Stand up and stop your mate before he does something stupid”. Management and Control Controls over licensed venue operating hours will help manage and control an existing problem and may minimise instances in particular venues but these laws need to be mindful that you don’t implement measures that simply serve to move a problem to another venue or area. Expectations for security guards at venues should be raised to include a proactive approach to stepping in and "talking” to patrons and addressing potential incidents before they flare into violence. Police need a visible and responsive presence on the streets around venues at closing times to respond quickly to any incidents At a local level – venues should be made to blacklist any patron involved in an incident. Surrounding venues should support each other by sharing details of blacklisted patrons. Consequence and deterent The government should immediately review sentencing strategies to ensure they reflect community expectations All sentencing should have a minimum period or penalty not just maximum. Wholly suspended sentences should be abolished. A suspended sentence is effectivly no sentence at all and is an insult to victims and their families A full review of the Children's Court system should be undertaken. Young adults are well aware of the consequences of their actions before they turn 18 and should be tried as such also. Capped sentencing in the Childrens Court of 2 years for a single offence and 3 years maximum for multiple offences should be abolished and replaced with sentencing that fits the offence. This will only be achieved when the court system stops handing out punishments that amount to a “slap on the wrist” for offenders. We need clear messages that violence will be punished! This petition will be handed to the Victorian Premier Mr John Brumby and Attorney General Mr Rob Hulls if 20,000 or more Victorian signatories can be achieved This petition will be handed to the Australian Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd and the Attorney General Robert McClelland if 50,000 or more Australian signatories can be achieived


This petition is sponsored by the Voices Against Violence Facebook group. The assault of our son Richard drove us to start this group. His ongoing courage and determination towards his recovery drives us to continue to try and influence a change in our community towards violence Please check out "Voices Against Violence" to see his story
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