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Voices in the dark

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For too long the cries of victims of mental and emotional and economic abuse how gone unheard and unanswered to the point where they just become voices in the dark. And why because unlike sexual and physical abuse there are no physical signs of these types of abuse. The truth is that this is not the truth at all there are in fact signs of both of these types of abuse if you know what to look for in fact there are both short-term and long-term effects of both of these types of abuse.

Short-term effects of emotional abuse:
You might be in denial at first. It can be shocking to find yourself in such a situation. It’s natural to hope you’re wrong.
You may also have feelings of:

Long-term effects of emotional abuse
Studies Trusted Source shows that severe emotional abuse can be as powerful as physical abuse. Over time, both can contribute to low self-esteem and depression.
You may also develop:
chronic pain
social withdrawal or loneliness

Long-term effects of mental abuse
chronic pain.
social withdrawal or loneliness.

And while the victims experience these side effects sometimes on a daily basis the person responsible for inflicting the abuse continuous to get away with it because of this loophole. We need to be the light for these victims.
That is why myself and my agency the (CAA) Central Assistance Agency are Petitioning all of the Governor's of the U.S. to amend there current domestic violence laws and add both of these types of abuse to them making them both misdemeanor crimes and to add a 3 strikes law to these types of abuse.
Please join us by signing our petition and be a light for these voices in the dark.

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